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Featured Survey Services
​Choose one of the featured survey services below. For full customization, select the Price & Configure menu, and then select one of the 'Custom' options.

Church surveys exterior


Church survey

A complete survey service for churches. Use the standard questionnaire or customize. Includes up to two congregations, and technical support for your church members. Acentric makes church surveys stress free!

*One survey will be run simultaneously across all 2 congregations. Note, incentives are not necessary for this survey and are not included in the price.

Online shopping surveys


Ecommerce store test & improve

Maximize sales by seeing the store from your customers point of view. Includes 150 incentivized participants from an online panel. Pre-visit and post-visit evaluations identify problems holding back sales. Understand what visitors think, not just what they do.

*Heatmap functionality depends on your website. If it doesn't work, no refund is offered, so please ask for a test code to insert on your site for testing.
Conjoint analysis


Conjoint Analysis

'What if' scenarios. Quantify feature, brand and price importance. Test products that don't exist yet and identify potential winners. Evaluate features & price without directly asking. Conjoint analysis without the complexity of DIY software!

    Pack test

    Pack test (coming soon)

    • Measure awareness of competing brands (up to 5)
    • Measure % buying each brand
    • Assess standout of your packages
    • Recognition – without brand
    • Pack preference (test 3 alternative designs)
    • Suggestions for improvement
    • Demographics
    Employee engagement survey


    Employee survey

    • An objective third party to ensure confidentiality
    • Technical support provided to your participants by email
    • Signal management cares, and signal expectations to employees
    • Identify weaknesses & strengths
    • Academically validated scales
    Target market survey


    Target Market Evaluation

    Includes 200 completed interviews from an online panel. Understand who your target market is, and how they differ from others in order to enable your marketing planning.

    *No screeners are applied. Recruits from various online panels may be used. Online panel may not be representative of the general internet population in terms of internet usage frequency and other variables.

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